Only the Victory of Milo Djukanovic can Save Montenegro

19 mars 09:20

Jason Gold

Milo Djukanovic is running for President of Montenegro on 19th March and is being challenged by 5 other candidates most of whom were members of the previous 2 Pro-Serb Governments of Zdravko Krivokapic and Dritan Abazovic.

Over a period of nearly three years, the Krivokapic and Abazovic Governments ( the latter being a reconfiguration of the former, both had votes of no-confidence against them )-had taken Montenegro away from its European Western orientation.

They were supplicant to President Vucic of Serbia and the Serb Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

Over a short period of time they dismantled many of the Montenegrin State Institutions, sacking heads of educational institutes and Government bodies and replacing them with people who were faithful and followers of the Serb Orthodox Church. They had almost bankrupted the country with extreme debt brought about by borrowing on the open financial markets in London to pay for populist policies rather than for investment projects. They caused division within society by claiming anyone who disagreed with their policies was “Fascist” or a far right radical.

During their Governance they fired journalists and directors from the state broadcaster RTCG for daring to question government ministers and replaced those journalists with “yes “ people.

The constitution of Montenegro was ignored by both Prime Minister Krivokapic and Abazovic and dubious legislation was passed that undermined parts of the Montenegro constitution that did not suit them, such as an amendment to the Presidential Law. This removed certain rights of the President.

They signed a special agreement with the Serb Orthodox Church which put it above the Law and gave it rights that no other religion in Montenegro has. They also persisted in tying Montenegro to the idea of “Open Balkans “, which is the project of Vucic and Edi Rama President’s of Serbia and Albania.

The four main candidates opposing the incumbent , Milo Djukanovic were all ministers in one or other of the two Governments of Krivokapic and Abazovic and ALL have been responsible for taking Montenegro away from being a leader in the Western Balkans , on it’s path to E.U. membership to becoming what is now a very troubled and destabilized country.
After many warnings from international diplomats and EU officials Montenegro continued to be only concerned with pleasing President Vucic of Serbia.

This Presidential election is a cross road for Montenegro. A Victory by the incumbent , Milo Djukanovic will help bring Montenegro back to it’s European orientation, especially now because Montenegro is also going to have a General Election in June.

A Presidential victory for Djukanovic will add to momentum needed for a progressive European orientated victory, in the June Elections.

Whatever people say about Milo Djukanovic, the one thing they can never say is that since 1997 he has altered or hesitated in his desire to take Montenegro into the family of European States, and eventually into the EU itself.

Even during the war in Kosovo Milo Djukanovic as President of Montenegro remained neutral even though it put MNE under great pressure from Serbia.

Djukanovic opened Montenegro to Kosova refugees, in fact you’re the President of the Republic of Kosova came to Montenegro as a young refugee at that time.

Montenegro in it’s constitution is an Anti- Fascist, Multi-Ethnic Secular State. And in the 30 years that Milo Djukanovic has been in high offices of State as either Prime Minister or President he has ensured that Montenegro lived up to it’s Constitutional obligations. He maintained the three mentioned pillars of being a civilized state in which everyone is welcome regardless of their ethnicity, religion or heritage.

In these uncertain times on our continent with war raging in Ukraine and protagonists like Viktor Orban in Hungary and Vucic in Serbia can the W. Balkans really be secure with out a Statesman like Milo Djukanovic in Power ?

The choice in these elections is very clear. Either there will be a President who is only interested in pleasing President Vucic of Serbia and Serbian and Russian influence will be allowed to dictate MNE domestic and foreign policy or Montenegro will be led by President Milo Djukanovic who has a history of building friendly and respectful relationships with all of it’s close neighbors in the region.

*Jason Gold is a member of the UK Labor Party. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Labor International (LI) branch in Central Europe.
Labor International (LI) was established in 1997 so that members of the British Labor Party living outside the United Kingdom could continue political activity and be involved in supporting and campaigning for the Labor Party.
In addition to being a founder of LI UK – Central Europe Branch, Jason Gold is also a writer, analyst and photographer.
His work has appeared in both UK publications and international media. In 1992, he left London to cover the wars in Yugoslavia, traveling through each of the country’s former republics.
Gold is recognized for his contribution and involvement in the benefit of democracy in the world.
Meanwhile, in Kosovo, Gold recently is cooperating with the Institute for the Protection of Democratic Values (IPDV), focusing on the promotion and protection of the democratic values.



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